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Visual inspection and robotic arm expansion capabilities: image vision acquisition, defect location measurement, 3D reproduction defect formation, state analysis assessment, life prediction.The magnetic pipeline adopts intelligent magnetic adsorption technology, the non-magnetic pipeline adopts NASA’s most advanced biomimetic adsorption material, and the first magnetic adsorption control unit based on magnetic and speed real-time closed-loop F-PI algorithm in China, the complex path inside the pipeline can be perfectly adsorbed. For the non-magnetic pipelines such as plastic steel and stainless steel, the introduction of NASA bio-adsorbed materials from the United States can achieve high-strength adsorption capacity for pipelines.

There are 12 corrosion and defect assessment models for metal materials with machine learning capabilities. Using the world’s leading high-speed optical four-quadrant sensing technology, point cloud scanning measurement accuracy of up to 10um!

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