Pipeline Robot

  • Pipe Inspection Robot

    Pipe Inspection Robot

    The T1 nuclear power Pipeline Robot and maintenance robot is equipped with three high-definition cameras. The main camera uses a 30x optical zoom lens, which has the “microscope” General inspection capability. It is equipped with a 360-degree free-rotation pan/tilt system which is able to detect any defects in the pipeline. After the pipeline is inspected by the robot, all videos and sensor data are imported into the status analysis software that is able to analyze the data of the...
  • Compact Inspection Robot

    Compact Inspection Robot

    T1 Pipeline Operation And Maintenance Robot:Integrated motion control system integrating SLAM algorithm;Depth visualization analysis algorithm based on depth camera; Magnetic adsorption technology of the original SAS closed-loop control algorithm; Suitable for magnetic pipes above DN300; Supporting state assessment and life prediction platform system; Expandable coating thickness measurement, C-scan, guided wave and other NDT equipment; Functionally scalable robotic equipment sales; Testing a...
  • Wireless Inspection Robot

    Wireless Inspection Robot

    Common technology accumulation based on underlying algorithms such as motion control, modeling analysis, recognition + post-processing data processing.On-site operation and maintenance, 3D visualization equipment management and state assessment data platform, smart cloud operation and maintenance data platform, intelligent monitoring and testing data platform. Full-life management, a full-life smart power plant equipment management platform based on expert systems and big data analysis.
  • Crawl Space Inspection Robot

    Crawl Space Inspection Robot

    Visual inspection and robotic arm expansion capabilities: image vision acquisition, defect location measurement, 3D reproduction defect formation, state analysis assessment, life prediction.The magnetic pipeline adopts intelligent magnetic adsorption technology, the non-magnetic pipeline adopts NASA’s most advanced biomimetic adsorption material, and the first magnetic adsorption control unit based on magnetic and speed real-time closed-loop F-PI algorithm in China, the complex path ins...
  • Electrical Conduit Camera Inspection Services

    Electrical Conduit Camera Inspection Services

    A neuron model that learns from data: There are 12 metal material corrosion and defect assessment models with machine learning capabilities.Excellent 3D modeling technology: Using the world’s leading high-speed optical four-quadrant sensing technology, point cloud scanning measurement accuracy of up to 10um! High-precision modeling of defect details, automatic modeling of pipeline path traces, 3D point cloud map of pipelines, and data modeling of pipeline defects. APM-based device manag...
  • Tracked Inspection Robot

    Tracked Inspection Robot

    T1 Nuclear Power Pipeline Robot:Intelligent magnetic adsorption technology based on F-PI algorithm; Defect visualization analysis algorithm based on optical measurement; Introducing the world’s leading NASA biomimetic materials; An analytical model using neural network deep learning; High-precision 3D image modeling capabilities; Suitable for magnetic pipes above DN300; Supporting state assessment and life prediction platform system; Expandable intelligent vehicle arm unit; It can expan...