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The traditional cleaning methods and the existing cleaning equipment on the market are not enough to really solve the energy efficiency problem of photovoltaic power plants. Tetraelc customizes photovoltaic energy efficiency optimization solutions for different power stations and different distribution modes, and professionally solves the problems of energy efficiency of photovoltaic power plants and improves power generation capacity.Tetraelc’s intelligent cleaning product for photovoltaic panels designed for photovoltaic power plants – intelligent cleaning robots, effectively improves the efficiency of cleaning dust on the surface of photovoltaic modules. The intelligent cleaning robot can be used for regular automatic cleaning, eliminating the need for manual maintenance and completely removing dust and dirt from the surface of the components to improve power generation efficiency. Compared with traditional cleaning methods, Tetra T6 intelligent cleaning robot cleaning has the following six advantages:1. Self-powered, with energy storage, no need to provide external power supply;

2. Intelligent control, unattended, saving labor costs;

3. Waterless cleaning, energy saving and environmental protection, saving water;

4. The operating frequency is freely set and cleaned regularly according to the site environment;

5. The robot sweeps evenly and does not cause the battery to crack.

6. The robot can work at night.

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