Utilities Robot

  • Electrical Utilities Equipment

    Electrical Utilities Equipment

    Power equipment is the hub and channel in the transmission and distribution network. During the process of using the equipment, there will be aging, disrepair, and hidden troubles. However, these situations cannot be ruled out by the human eye and the experience of the staff. It is necessary to have special electrical equipment testing to check out these power safety hazards and organize the manpower to eliminate them in time.In power operation, power safety is always a string of power people...
  • Power Line Inspection Robot

    Power Line Inspection Robot

    Tetra’s target customers include large enterprises of nuclear power, thermal power, wind power, photovoltaics and petroleum petrochemicals. Products include T1 pipeline robots, T3 orbit robots, TPF inspection drones, and T6 photovoltaic robots. Tetra’s energy pipeline operation and maintenance system is widely used by many industries including nuclear power industry, thermal power industry, petrochemical industry and so on; The front-end robot of the system implies technologies that independe...